Adorned with Silver

finding the courage to go gray

In The Beginning

I have actually been toying with this for about a week, but I decided to start blogging about it today, August 20, 2008.  I am working up the guts to cancel my appointment for next week for cut, color and highlights.  Normally, for the last few months my hair has looked like this:

Rachel - 46 yrs old

Rachel - 46 yrs old

Since we have 95% of our possessions packed, I wasn’t able to use my camera.  I took these “before” pictures with my cell phone just now.

Self-portrait with cell phone - Rachel 48 yrs (almost)

Self-portrait with cell phone - Rachel 48 yrs (almost)

They’re not the best but they show a couple of important things.  One, that I’m overdue for a haircut and color and two, the very beginnings of the roots.  Currently my plan is to let my hair grow until I have about 2″ of roots.  I’ll get another short cut then and after that begin the process of letting it grow.  I’ll update the blog with pictures, thoughts and feelings as I progress.

The normal state of my roots when it's time to pay a visit to the hairdresser

The normal state of my roots when it

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  1. I’m with you sister!

    Comment by electriclady | December 31, 2008 | Reply

  2. Go girl! I need to update the blog since my gray has grown out a little. It looks a little nicer now. Still some remnants of color that will go in the next trim.

    Comment by littletoe | December 31, 2008 | Reply

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